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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a growing concern for many businesses as the volume of EPS waste increases each year. Reducing EPS to landfill is now a priority concern for local councils and governments – as the Australian Packaging Covenant mandates to remove packaging waste from landfill by 2025.

Although lightweight, bulky EPS waste takes up significant space in a bin or skip – meaning that true disposal costs are often hidden in a company’s general waste removal costs.

Our collection program offers a simple yet sustainable solution for EPS waste removal and recycling. We help businesses to recycle right – with no added effort and no added cost. For businesses with large volumes of EPS waste, we can deliver long term cost savings while significantly reducing your environmental footprint. And if your business is already processing its EPS waste, we will collect it from you and offer best market rates.

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What is EPS?

EPS is a lightweight and economical packaging material. It offers excellent protection and insulation, making it ideal for the storage and transport of fragile and expensive items, especially electronic goods. Made of 2% plastic and 98% air, it can reduce the cost of goods transport which in turn can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, as the consumption of packaged goods increases, millions of tonnes of EPS waste is being sent to landfill each year. EPS waste takes hundreds of years to breakdown and places strain on already limited landfill space.

As a consequence, EPS is a priority waste stream for the Australian Packaging Covenant. With the mandate to remove all packaging from landfill by 2025, many states and councils have already banned EPS waste from local landfill, as the war on waste continues.

Landfill bans have already been implemented in South Australia and guaranteed in Victoria. Other states will undoubtedly follow their lead soon.

How is EPS recycled?

Very easily, thanks to Ecycle Solutions innovative recycling program.

We deliver special EPS collection frames to our recycling partners. Once filled, we collect the EPS waste and return it to our national network of ecycling plants for processing. This process costs our partners 70% less for EPS disposal than sending to landfill, to become an environmental hazard.

Specialised hot compact technology dramatically compacts EPS. For example, the equivalent volume of the Sydney Cricket Ground reduced to only 1.2% of its size!

Once compacted, the EPS material is then sent to Government recognised processing plants around the world to be repurposed into new products – being used in everything from sports gear to kids toys to outdoor furniture and flowerpots.

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5 easy steps to remove your EPS waste problem

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