Have a polystyrene waste problem?


EPS recycling made easy

Disposing of toxic EPS waste is a serious business and environmental problem. Our recycling program can help reduce EPS disposal costs by up to 70%. And we’ll pay top prices for reprocessed EPS

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Need an Ewaste recycling service?


Environmentally responsible ewaste waste disposal

Our extensive collection network simplifies the process of e-waste disposal, offering you a sustainable solution for environmentally responsible recycling.

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Closing the loop with convenient, affordable recycling solutions

EPS recycling solutions

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a growing concern for many businesses, as the volume of EPS waste increases each year. Our collection program offers a simple yet sustainable solution for EPS waste removal and recycling. > Read more


Ewaste recycling solution

Looking for an affordable solution for ‘end of life’ appliance collection and disposal? Ecycle Solutions has the answer. As a fully compliant administrator of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, we are the perfect recycling partner offering national coverage. > Read more


Ewaste network covers Australia

As part of the QLS Group, we offer true national coverage. With over 300 collection centres around Australia and hundreds of trucks on the road every day, we’re the only company to offer a tailgated service to 97% of populated Australia. > Read more


Why Ecycle Solutions?

Reduction in disposal costs
National collection locations
Trucks on the road everyday

Local leaders in EPS and Ewaste recycling solutions

Affordable ‘ecycling’ solutions for all industries

Ecycle Solutions leads the way in innovative recycling solutions for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste and ewaste solutions in Australia.

Part of the QLS Group, Ecycle Solutions was created in response to the compliance requirements of the Product Stewardship Scheme. As a leading warehousing, logistics and distribution company, the QLS Group saw the need to provide businesses all around Australia with accessible, affordable and environmentally sustainable recycling options.

Australia wide coverage, specialising in remote locations

With over 100 trucks delivering products across Australia every day, including many remote locations, it made sense to offer our partners an easy, low-cost waste collection solution. Learn how your business can benefit from partnering with Ecycle Solutions – and join the recycling revolution.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) recycling explained

What people are saying

Colin Mitchell

I must say that it all happens quite seamlessly...

“Thought it appropriate to give you an update of the Ecycle Solutions service in our store. I must say that it all happens quite seamlessly, the items for recycling come in are placed in the ewaste bin and then Ecycle Solutions / QLS clear it away regularly. Indeed the whole process is seamless. Keep up the good work.”

Colin Mitchell,
Franchisee, Harvey Norman Electrical – Geelong

Rob Purcell

We just simply email or call your office and it’s picked up within 48 hours...

“Just wanted give you an update regarding Ecycle Solutions service to Harvey Norman Oxley. Everything is travelling along just fine without any issues, when the bin is full we just simply email or call your office and it’s picked up within 48 hours – great service. Again thank you, it’s a pleasure to be involved in an environmental scheme like this, keep up the good work”

Rob Purcell
Franchisee – Electrical, Harvey Norman – Oxley

Bruce de Jersey

Nothing is a problem for Ecycle Solutions when it comes to Recycling ewaste...

“We have had an ongoing relationship with Ecycle Solutions and the team at QLS for many years and find them to be very obliging with all things to do with deliveries to and from when others cannot provide the service that we require. Nothing is a problem for Ecycle Solutions when it comes to Recycling Ewaste. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the team at Ecycle Solutions and QLS.”

Bruce de Jersey
Electrical Warehouse Manager, Middleton Street Warehouse

Sandy McGregor

We’re committed to find smarter, more streamlined ways to recycle ewaste...

“It’s a never-ending cycle. We’re committed to find smarter, more streamlined ways to recycle ewaste all the way down the line. It’s the only way to go, for a better industry and a better planet!”

Sandy McGregor,
Director, Ecycle Solutions