Drop-off Locations 2019-01-21T04:38:36+00:00

Drop-off is fast and free

Available Australia-wide to consumers and small businesses

Play your part in the cycle. Feel free to drop off old appliances including TV’s, computers and computer peripherals such as printers, monitors, mice and keyboards.

Important things to remember

  • Please save and remove data and information prior to dropping off your products.
  • Products will not be returned after drop off.
  • Any products considered dangerous or hazardous to transport will be refused.
  • Opening hours vary from store to store and collection points may be located at either the front or rear of store or at a warehouse facility. Please always contact the store in advance to confirm opening hours and arrange a drop-off time.
  • Limits apply to small business customers.

Must enter ‘Suburb or Postcode’ (ie. Dandenong 3175) click ‘Find Locations’ for the nearest drop off location.