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Planet Ark Sponsorship

Ecycle Solutions is a proud sponsor of Planet Ark, and together we’re tackling the problem of ewaste head on. With Australians among the highest users of new technology in the world, purchasing more than 100,000 tonnes of TV's, computers, printers and computer peripherals every year, this makes ewaste one of the fastest growing waste streams.

By working together to communicate the benefits of a more sustainable recycling solution, we are helping to repurpose a range of disregarded items into reusable products, minimising the overall impact on the environment and avoiding the wrong objects going into landfill.

Together, we make a positive environmental actions, for everyone.

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B-cycle, Australia’s official Battery Stewardship Scheme

B-cycle is a national platform launching in early 2022 to deliver the best outcomes for the environment. This battery circular lifecycle is a recovery program to repurpose battery materials into reusable products. Currently more than 17,500 tonnes of batteries are imported into Australia every year and less than 10% are recycled.

Launching early 2022, the Battery Industry led Stewardship is designed to conserve the earth’s resources, future-proof Australia’s energy security and protect our ecosystems.

As an Approved Collector of the scheme, Ecycle Solutions is authorised to collect and deliver 'end of life' batteries to recyclers Australia wide. Using Ecycle Solutions extensive distribution network we provide a robust assured collection service to ensure the batteries are recycled in a safe & environmentally sound way, to create reusable materials.

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